Photographic Safari in Pompeii archeological site

Last week  in Pompeii archeological site, there was a great partecipation to the  “Photo Safari” venture,  promoted by Wikimedia Italia together with the Special Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of  Pompeii Herculaneum and Stabiae. This year, for the first time, the photographs of the most famous archaeological site in the world will  took part to the  contest “Wiki LovesContinue reading “Photographic Safari in Pompeii archeological site”

The premier of The Romani walk at London transport Museum

Ben Kane has been a writer for 5 years. He is  fond of Roman history, and he has written 8 books most of which has featured on the Sunday time top Ten Best Seller. Last year he decided to be embaking on a challange to rise money for Doctor without borders. The challange was toContinue reading “The premier of The Romani walk at London transport Museum”

Touring with the Australian star Anh Do

Anh Do is famous Vietnames born Australian presentor, actor and comedian. He recently contacted Emilano, he wanted him to arrange a tour on the Amalfi coast by vespa. So on July 25th  Emiliano guested the whole equipe of the Australian television. They went all together on tour on the Amalfi coast, the tour was entirely filmedContinue reading “Touring with the Australian star Anh Do”

New “domus” will be open in Pompeii

Starting form August 4th, more guardians have been recruited in Pompeii archeological site, so it will be possible to visit many “domus”  that have been closed sice now. They will make the site much more interesting.     The “domus” at issue are: Termopolio di Vetutio Placido Casa dei Ceii Casa del Larario di AchilleContinue reading “New “domus” will be open in Pompeii”

Pompeii in the Geographical maps of the Vatican Museums

The Gallery of Maps is a gallery located in the Vatican on the way to the Sistine Chapel containing a series of painted topographical maps of Italy based on drawings of the geographer Ignazio Danti. The galley was commissioned by the Pope Gregory XIII. It took Danti three years (1580–1583) to complete the 40 panelsContinue reading “Pompeii in the Geographical maps of the Vatican Museums”

Pliny the Younger, the eye witness of the eruption of the Mount Vesuvius in 79AD

At the time of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in A.D. 79 the Roman fleet under the command of Pliny the Elder was stationed across the Bay of Naples at Misenum. Pliny was a scientist, a historian and a naturalist and he felt the need to get closer to observe the phenomenon of the eruption. HeContinue reading “Pliny the Younger, the eye witness of the eruption of the Mount Vesuvius in 79AD”

The certificate of excellence by Tripadvisor

I am very pleased to share with you this new goal. Thanks to all my clients who have contributed with their reviews to make me get this certificate.

The walls of Pompeii: the inscriptions and the graffiti

The walls of the houses in Pompeii are frequently covered with inscriptions: these are electoral propaganda messages that urge the citizens to vote for one or other of the candidates. At times an entire category of workers (goldsmiths, marble-cutters, bakers) holds the candidacy. At other times an aspiring magistrate puts himself forward to the peopleContinue reading “The walls of Pompeii: the inscriptions and the graffiti”

Romani walk Italy 2014 – Capua to Rome

The three English historical books writers Ben Kane, Anthony Riches, and Russell Whitfield the last week walked all the way from the Amphitheatre of Capua to Rome dressed in Legionaries kit. The purpose of the 7 days walk was to raise money for the charity associations Medicines san Frontiers and Combat Stress. The three boysContinue reading “Romani walk Italy 2014 – Capua to Rome”

Romani walk the Italy 2014

Seven days across the Italy with the historical books best seller writers Ben Kane, Anthony Riches and Russell Whitfield. This 3 British guys are marching dressed in legionaries kit from the amphitheater of Capua to the Colosseum in Rome, to raise money for Combat Stress and Medicines sans Frontier. I’m guiding them through the villagesContinue reading “Romani walk the Italy 2014”