About me

Ras Etteen tomba scavata A 1 DSCF2156 My name is Emiliano Tufano,

I am an archaeologist and qualified tour guide.

When I was ten years old I found a piece of painted pottery on a small piece of land belonging to my family, which is located nearby the ancient Greek city of Paestum. For the whole of that day I kept this piece of history in my hands. I remember that it was decorated with a black figured scene of a Satyr driving a biga. The feeling I had when realized it was a genuine antique object was very strong, and I started asking myself many questions about the people who occupied that area across the centuries and, particularly, about the man who made such a beautiful piece of work. Since then I started collecting all sorts of pots and stones that I found while I wandered through the countryside. I used to divide my finds simply on the basis of their shape and color. They were the first steps of me becoming an archaeologist.

At school, history was my favorite subject; therefore my decision of which degree course to choose was an easy one, Archaeology. Today, archaeology is my profession and my passion. Throughout the years I developed skills in fieldwork and academic research. I participated as a field director in several excavation projects of fundamental importance across Italy and I was engaged in significant academic research projects in Sicily, Tunisia and Libya. I now fulfill my ambition with a PhD project about the Sicilian prehistory.

However, my interests go beyond just the history. I have a strong creative side and I love photography, and I write articles for a newspaper in my local area, play football and enjoy diving.

I enjoy traveling and have been to many different countries, where I always make particular efforts to learn as much of the local language and culture as possible.

In 2010 I became qualified to work as a tourist guide of the Campania Region, and I was keen on advancing and promoting the wonderful historical patrimony of the archeological area around Vesuvius.

Therefore I found Askos Tours, counting on a wonderful team of colleagues (and friends), all highly-qualified and licensed tour guides with a degree in Archaeology or Art History.

In the beginning we operated exclusively in Campania, but now we offer guided tours in the whole Italy with special interest from Rome and other regions in the South of Italy. In the nearest future we’re planning to expand our tours even further. They will encompass the whole basin of the Mediterranean with most attention given to major archaeological sites.

Main goal of “Askos” is to give best tailor-made tours in the region helping tourists to acquire first-hand impressions of the fascinating world of archaeology, art, local traditions and food in a light and entertaining way far from any resemblance to boring university lectures.

In other words, Askos tours will take care that your tour becomes a top quality experience which will always remain one of your best memories. There’s no limits to learning especially when you are still a student. But no matter how old, every man is a student when it comes to travelling.

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