Our History

Our Tour Operator is called “Askos” which is a symbolic name. The word indicates a type of ancient Greek vase used to store liquids such as olive oil and wine. The founder, Emiliano Tufano, once found an askos in an archaeological site during an excavation. Since then, it became for him the expression of the thrill of exploration, and a symbol of excitement and oblivion.It all started in 2010 with the “PompeiIn” brand. Emiliano was fervent about promoting the wonderful historical heritage in the area around Vesuvius, especially in Pompeii, Herculaneum and in the city of Naples.

In 2016 Askos Tours began its life and from that moment organizes guided tours (group and private) throughout Italy with particular interest in the Campania region, Rome and the Vatican. For the foreseeable future, there is the plan of further expanding the offered services.#AskosTours is committed to taking care that the tour becomes a high quality experience, which will always remain one of the most beautiful memories of travelers.We believe that a perfect tour should be a source of inspiration, cultural entertainment and emotion that comes from the local experience.All the tours developed by “Askos” are based on years of vast experience and planning and are simply the best in terms of logistics, effectiveness and intensity of emotions.

“..we immensely enjoyed our visit to Pompei. We were overjoyed to find that Emiliano, our tour guide, had a very broad knowledge of the area. We learned a lot from him and found the visit to Pompei to be educational and well worth our time and money. I would suggest you take the tour instead of stumbling about in Pompeii wondering what all of the structures were and the history behind them. Especially since Emiliano had such a wealth of information. We highly recommend his tour..”

Linda P.

from Tripadivisor

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