Pompeii: the Mitoraj’s exhibition

Thirty monumental sculptures by the Polish artist Igor Mitoraj are exposed in Pompeii Ruins. The preparation has just been completed and the exhibition will remain on show until January 2017. The majestic bronze sculptures have been placed in different areas of the ruins like the Temple of Venus, the Basilica, the Forum, Street of Abundance,Continue reading “Pompeii: the Mitoraj’s exhibition”

Pompeii New Exhibition: “Mito e Natura dalla Magna Grecia a Pompei”

The gardens of Octavius Quartius, the huge complex of Julia Felix, the extraordinary patio of the House Venus in the Shell: these are only few of the amazing highlights of the new big exposition in Pompeii. The Pompeii’s Superintendent Massimo Osanna, also pulled out from the storage rooms of the ruins the remains of charredContinue reading “Pompeii New Exhibition: “Mito e Natura dalla Magna Grecia a Pompei””

Oplontis: the new exhibition of golds and furnitures

News from Oplontis. “A picco sul mare. Arredi di lusso al tempo di Poppea”, is the name of an exhibition that tells the daily life of Roman aristocracy in the first century AC. The exhibit in the Palazzo Criscuolo’s rooms, the city hall of Torre Annunziata, includes ornaments, furnishings and jewels which adorned homes andContinue reading “Oplontis: the new exhibition of golds and furnitures”

Pompeii bodies’ autopsy: The cause of death was not ash or gas but …

As is well known the bodies “petrified” of Pompeii are not dead “fossilized” by the volcano’s ash but plaster casts. Archaeologists identified some holes in the ground and they hypothesized that those gaps could be the presence of bodies or animal carcasses, disintegrated over time. The archaeologists poured  plaster  through the gaps and when itContinue reading “Pompeii bodies’ autopsy: The cause of death was not ash or gas but …”

The Romani Walk

The Romani Walk is the title of an amazing, engaging and funny movie of the historical novel writers Ben Kane, Anthony Riches and Russel Whitfield. Emiliano had the great honor of being supporting actor and guide during their insane walk from Capua to Rome. Just take a relaxing sit and have a great time watching it.Continue reading “The Romani Walk”