Cupids In the houses of Pompeii, it was usual to see graceful female figures painted on the walls or plump children with wings: the cupids. Pretty presences that can be admired even in a fragment of fresco that comes from the lower floors of the House of Championnet. The little head with curly and goldenContinue reading “LIVING IN POMPEII”

A gem in the heart of Cilento: Velia

Velia was the Roman name of an ancient city on the Cilento coast. It was founded by Greeks around 538–535 BC with the name Elea. The city was known for being the homeland of the philosophers Parmenides and Zeno, the founders of the Eleatic school. The site is characterized by the “acropolis”: high part of theContinue reading “A gem in the heart of Cilento: Velia”

TravelMan 48 Hours with Emiliano in Herculaneum

The famous Channel 4 presenter Richard Ayoade came to visit Naples with Jack Dee for his show TravelMan 48 Hours, once here he requested a tour with our tour guide Emiliano Tufano to discover the beauties of Herculaneum! Below you can see part of the video where Emiliano explains how Roman life was before the eruptionContinue reading “TravelMan 48 Hours with Emiliano in Herculaneum”

The antibiotic in Pompeii and Herculaneum

Thanks to the studies of the archaeo-anthropological team of the Uniersity of Chieti, we are able to know about the unaware use of the antibiotics in the ancient Pompeii! The archaeoanthropologists have noticed traces of tetracyclines (the element of the aspirin) in the bones of the victims of the eruptions of the 79 a.d. ThisContinue reading “The antibiotic in Pompeii and Herculaneum”