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The antibiotic in Pompeii and Herculaneum

Thanks to the studies of the archaeo-anthropological team of the Uniersity of Chieti, we are able to know about the unaware use of the antibiotics in the ancient Pompeii! The archaeoanthropologists have noticed traces of tetracyclines (the element of the aspirin) in the bones of the victims of the eruptions of the 79 a.d. This element was from the mold that contaminated the layers of straw in which figs and pomegranates were placed to dry. The Romans were cured without knowing it thanks to the food preferences.



Daily life in the Ancient Pompeii

The true life of the inhabitants of Pompeii can be reconstructed thanks to the many graffiti on the walls.

That’s one of the oldest caricature of an ancient roman engraving: Rufus est (this is Rufus).

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