Touring with the Australian star Anh Do

Anh Do is famous Vietnames born Australian presentor, actor and comedian. He recently contacted Emilano, he wanted him to arrange a tour on the Amalfi coast by vespa. So on July 25th  Emiliano guested the whole equipe of the Australian television. They went all together on tour on the Amalfi coast, the tour was entirely filmedContinue reading “Touring with the Australian star Anh Do”

New “domus” will be open in Pompeii

Starting form August 4th, more guardians have been recruited in Pompeii archeological site, so it will be possible to visit many “domus”  that have been closed sice now. They will make the site much more interesting.     The “domus” at issue are: Termopolio di Vetutio Placido Casa dei Ceii Casa del Larario di AchilleContinue reading “New “domus” will be open in Pompeii”