Egypt in Pompeii

Until November 2nd a big exhibition and a new itinerary will be in the Pompeii’s Ruins: The Egypt in Pompeii!

Second step of the project “The Nile in Pompeii” which began last March in the Egyptian Museum of Turin. The exhibition, cured by the superintendent Massimo Osanna with Marco Fabbri, has its focal point in a group of eight magnificent statues of the XV and XIV centuries b.C.: 7 colossal sculptural portraits of Sekhmet, the goddess of the destructive power and the generous Nile floods and 1 magnificent staute of Thutmose I that show the power of the New Kingdom pharaohs. Highlight of Pompeii Ruins is the magnificent sanctuary of Isis, which on this occasion re-opens for the first time to the public after six months of restoration, it is one of the most significant steps of the itinerary. Here tourists are able to understand the importance of this cult thanks to frescoes and statues (until now preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Naples) and multimedia support. “We want to recreate the same feelings that felt the archaeologists at the time of the discovery in 18th century ” said the superintendent Osanna. The tour continues in the splendid house of Frutteto (Orchard), the Domus of the Pygmies in the way Nolana and from the house of Criptoportico to Villa of the Mysteries and it will be possible to enjoy of rooms decorated with Nilotic landscape dating from the first half of the century. A.D.


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