Pompeii bodies’ autopsy: The cause of death was not ash or gas but …

As is well known the bodies “petrified” of Pompeii are not dead “fossilized” by the volcano’s ash but plaster casts. Archaeologists identified some holes in the ground and they hypothesized that those gaps could be the presence of bodies or animal carcasses, disintegrated over time. The archaeologists poured  plaster  through the gaps and when itContinue reading “Pompeii bodies’ autopsy: The cause of death was not ash or gas but …”

The Romani Walk

The Romani Walk is the title of an amazing, engaging and funny movie of the historical novel writers Ben Kane, Anthony Riches and Russel Whitfield. Emiliano had the great honor of being supporting actor and guide during their insane walk from Capua to Rome. Just take a relaxing sit and have a great time watching it.Continue reading “The Romani Walk”

Ready for the great exhibition on “EGYPT AND POMPEI”

Turin, Pompeii and Naples joined by a large exhibition project with a single topic: Egypt  This is the theme of a prestigious exhibition that will be divided into three places and four times, which tells of influences, spiritual, social, political and artistic grafts originated by cults and elements of style born or passed through theContinue reading “Ready for the great exhibition on “EGYPT AND POMPEI””

Six new houses visible in Pompeii after restoration

The restoration project began back in 2012 and now on Christmas Eve 2015 the restored buildings have been unveiled. Those are: the Fullonica of Stephanus (Laundry), the House of Criptoportico, the House of Paquius Proculus, the House of Fabius Amandio, the House of Efebo and the House of Sacerdos Amandus. The project to have cost aroundContinue reading “Six new houses visible in Pompeii after restoration”

Group’s field trip to Stabia

December, 2015 At the end of the working season as usual we have organized a day of study at the villas of ancient Stabiae. Our archaeologist-guide Paolo Gardelli, expert of the site, accompanied us on a fantastic tour that made us discover unpublished frescoes and graffiti’s of precious archaeological site. It is important to stay currentContinue reading “Group’s field trip to Stabia”

Pompei – Eternal Emotion

Transmitting screen emotions of those who visit Pompeii for the first time is a difficult task. In Pompeii the time has stopped and in a moment it seems to go back in time two thousand years. The director Pappi Corsicato seems to have succeeded. His work is called “Pompeii, eternal emotion”, a short film produced byContinue reading “Pompei – Eternal Emotion”

The Wikipedia photo contest in Pompeii with our guidance

Wiki Loves Monuments is an international photo contest for monuments, organized by Wikimedia this September. Wikimedia is the movement behind Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – a global collaboration authored by volunteers. Cultural heritage is an important part of the knowledge Wikipedia collects and disseminates. Everybody can contribute images as well as write articles. An image isContinue reading “The Wikipedia photo contest in Pompeii with our guidance”

The cost of living in Pompeii

The cost of living in Pompeii seems to have been relatively low. The Roman currency was comprised of coins which included asses (copper), dupondii (bronze), sestertii (bronze), denarii (silver) and aurei (gold). Other denominations used were the quadrans, the quinarius argenteus and the quinarius aureus. According to the sums of money found on the bodiesContinue reading “The cost of living in Pompeii”


Promoted by the Campania Region and produced by Scabec, the Campanian cultural society, in collaboration with the Superintendency for the Archaeological Heritage of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae, POMPEII, ENCHANTMENT AT NIGHT, is a project showcasing one of the world’s most impressive and frequently visited archaeological sites. It offers the public summer evening visits, light installations,Continue reading “POMPEII ENCHANTMENT AT NIGHT”