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Pompeii bodies’ autopsy: The cause of death was not ash or gas but …

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As is well known the bodies “petrified” of Pompeii are not dead “fossilized” by the volcano’s ash but plaster casts. Archaeologists identified some holes in the ground and they hypothesized that those gaps could be the presence of bodies or animal carcasses, disintegrated over time. The archaeologists poured  plaster  through the gaps and when it was dry they begun to remove some of the ground. In this way the archaeologists brought to light the first positive of an ancient bodies.

But what was the cause of death of Pompeii’s inhabitants?

Until now scholars thought that victims were poisoned by fumes or killed by ash and lapilli, thanks to the new technology now we are able to know that many people were killed by roofs and walls collapse, due to the weight of the ash that had accumulated on them. Peolpe were killed by injury and in a second time covered with ashes. The signs of the serious injuries would have been detected by careful observation of the bodies by technological means and in highly accurate analysis. The “expertise” was made possible thanks to scanning and digital enlargements of the casts of the bodies



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