Oplontis: the new exhibition of golds and furnitures

News from Oplontis. “A picco sul mare. Arredi di lusso al tempo di Poppea”, is the name of an exhibition that tells the daily life of Roman aristocracy in the first century AC. The exhibit in the Palazzo Criscuolo’s rooms, the city hall of Torre Annunziata, includes ornaments, furnishings and jewels which adorned homes and people in 79AD, at the time of catastrophic eruption of the Mount Vesuvius. Extraordinary objects, which will remain on show for 3 months. Over 40 pieces of great value, many never seen before, some shown to the public last time 40 years ago. The exhibit is only the first step of a permanent museum that will come out from the storage rooms of Oplontis.


Published by Askos Tours

'Specialising in archaeology and art tours, Askos Tours aims to bring Italy’s cultural riches to life in an insightful and entertaining way. As well as trips around Naples — the bustling, atmospheric Campanian capital — Askos Tours can also arrange a variety of travel experiences for visitors looking to make unforgettable Italian memories, with particular expertise in Pompeii, Herculaneum, Amalfi, Sorrento, Capri, Positano, Rome and the Vatican. Askos Tours strives to offer the very best in private and small group tours in order to help travellers gain a deeper understanding of the world of archaeology, art and local traditions.'

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